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Azamara offers a few Transatlantic voyages between the Americas and Europe. This cruise line specializes in "destination immersion." They have longer stays, more overnights, and night touring in ports of call. They spend more time in port than any other cruise line, which means more time for you to enjoy the city's clubs, theater and restaurants.

Azamara cruise ships are mid-size (694 guests) so you won't feel lost onboard. They can sail into ports that larger ships cannot. On the Azamara Quest, many of the staterooms have verandas. It also features a casino, cabaret, a spa and multiple dining options.


April 21, 2019: 11-night "Bermuda and the Azores" Transatlantic cruise from New York to Lisbon (Portugal). On the Azamara Journey. Visit Hamilton (Bermuda), Horta (Azores) and Ponta Delgada (Azores).

November 5, 2019: 17-night "Westward Journey" Transatlantic cruise from Barcelona (Spain) to Miami (Florida). On the Azamara Journey. Visit Malaga (Spain), Gibraltar, Funchal (Madeira) and San Juan (Puerto Rico).


May 9, 2020: 15-night "Atlantic Pursuit" Transatlantic cruise from Miami to Southampton (England). On the Azamara Pursuit. Visit Hamilton (Bermuda), Horta (Azores), Ponta Delgada (Azores) and Plymouth (England).

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