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Cheap Transatlantic Cruises

How can you save on your Transatlantic cruise? Check the weekly cruise discounts and follow our other steps to get the best price. With just a little effort you could save a lot of money. See our list of some of the best deals below.

The Transatlantic cruises that reposition ships between the United States and Europe are almost always cheap on a per-day basis. The reason is that people generally prefer round-trip cruises over one-way cruises, but if your goal is to cross the Atlantic in style you're in luck. Bargain repositioning cruises happen in the early spring and late fall.

There are a few tips for saving money on a Transatlantic cruise. The most important is to book early. You can usually find the best specials 8 or more months before the cruise departs.

You can also look for last minute cruise bargains. Transatlantic cruises seem to offer a lot of these excellent fares because the ships are hard to fill. If you're ready to leave soon, last minute deals are certainly worth a look.

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