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Viking Transatlantic Cruises

Viking Cruises are the "thinking person's cruise" with more time ashore and excursions included in every port. You'll go beyond iconic landmarks through onboard talks and demonstrations. See their list of Atlantic crossings below.

Viking Ocean Cruises offers transatlantic voyages at unusual times of the year. Cruise from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean in the depths of winter. Or sail from Europe to Canada in the summer. It is one of the all-inclusive Transatlantic cruises.

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December 16, 2018: 12-day cruise from Lisbon (Portugal) to Miami (Florida) on Viking Sun. Visit Ponta Delgada (Azores) and Hamilton (Bermuda).


March 29, 2019: 14-day cruise from San Juan (Puerto Rico) to Barcelona (Spain) on Viking Sea. Visit Philipsburg (St Martin), Madeira (Portugal), Casablanca (Morocco), Cadiz (Spain) and Valencia (Spain).

December 4, 2019: 24-day cruise from Rome (Italy) to Miami (Florida) on Viking. Visit Florence (Italy), Monte Carlo (Monaco), Toulon (France), Marseille (France), Barcelona (Spain), Valencia (Spain), Murica (Spain), Granada (Spain), Seville (Spain), Lisbon (Portugal), Ponta Delgada (Portugal) and Hamilton (Bermuda).

Have fun. Explore the world. Take a Viking Transatlantic cruise.

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